Happy February!  Can’t you feel the old stretch in the evenings already? It may not be getting any warmer, but the evenings are definitely extending, and I think nightfall is staying off until about 5.40pm now – and sliding forward, slowly but surely.

In other good news, we are over the moon that we got our Kickstarter Campaign to make “Journey to YU” (in the footsteps of Rebecca West) on the deadline, January 15th, thanks to 52 fantastic microphilanthropists/ believers.  The first interview, with Dijana Milosevic of Belgrade’s DAH Theatre (she was over visiting Dublin at the Abbey Theatre of War Symposium last month), is already in the can, and we are going full steam ahead this week with Dragana Jurisic herself on Tuesday morning, and continuing on from there to our premiere screening deadline at the Belgrade-Irish Festival on St. Patrick’s week in Belgrade.  How exciting!  And of course nothing like a deadline to focus the mind.  We are really looking forward to sharing this work with you.  As for me, I have been cramming the history of the Balkans over Christmas, New Year, and the whole month of January, so I am in my favourite place – on a steep learning curve! Also – hopefully the eagle (the actual dough), will land this week, as you can imagine I have a lot of outstanding expenses on this one so far.

DANCE_EMERGENCYOlwen Fouere as Erina Brady



So – to the title of this post – it’s the last week to catch “Damhsa na hEigeandala”/ “Dance Emergency” on the TG4 Player, where it resides for you to watch and pick up a few dance steps until February 7th.  Here’s a link:


OK that looks a bit inelegant, but I can’t figure out how to embed it. So just click on it (or copy and paste, whatever works for you), and enjoy Olwen Fouere’s transcendent performance as the mysterious Irish-German Modern Dance Pioneer one more time.   Have another glimpse at the beautiful Patrick Scott reminiscing fondly about his Emergency Dublin Bohemian pals, the White Stag Art Group.  Be mesmerised by Jessica Kennedy’s gorgeous choreography, starring young contemporary dancers Karen Gleeson and Lucia Kickham, flanked by the beautiful students of Joanna Banks’ College of Dance.  And don’t forget to consider emulating a bottle and pyjama party, which in this case features real contemporary Dublin Bohemians the true descendants of our 1940s Dublin Boho Artists  – Gary Farrelly, Marc Brady, Liadain Herriott, Helen McNulty,  Dragana Jurisic, and Megan Kennedy.


🙂    Deirdre

PS Happy James Joyce Birthday, he was born on this day in 1882.  Apparently his father Stanislaus’ dying words were “tell Jim he was born at 6am”.  So there!