Set around the narrator’s overlooked inner city Dublin windowsill, on which, according to local lore Eamon De Valera allegedly signed his 1916 surrender, this documentary rescues this lost anti-heroic moment in what has transformed from erstwhile Poor Law Dispensary to NAMA HQ, and most recently into one of Dublin’s key hipster hubs in the newly prosperous heart of Silicon Docks. Reclaiming the buried story and deeper meaning of what was possibly De Valera’s worst moment, “Surrender on Grand Canal Street” inspires us all, like the tech giants who have made this unlikely spot their home, not only to embrace fluke, and failure, but also to “fail better”.

Colin Harmon, owner of 3FE Coffee Shop considers De Valera’s 1916 surrender on Lower Grand Canal Street.

Historian Tim Pat Coogan, author of “De Valera: Long Fellow, Long Shadow” in the Treasury Building, former site of De Valera’s 1916 3rd Battalion, considering events here.

Ruairi O Cuiv contemplates the windowsill where his grandfather Eamon de Valera allegedly signed his 1916 surrender.

Ian Kelly, Grand-nephew of Elizabeth O’Farrell & Owner of Ian Kelly Financial Services, Lower Grand Canal Street in 3FE Coffee Shop after our interview.

Elizabeth O’Farrell, whose account of her 1916 surrender is voiced by actress Una Kavanagh

“The Hero” by Marina Abramovic

OSI 1913 Map, featuring Sir Patrick Duns Poor Law Dispensary, which was Eamon De Valera’s 1916 HQ

The Alleged Windowsill where according to local lore, Eamon De Valera may have signed his 1916 surrender

Featuring historian Tim Pat Coogan (author of De Valera: Long Fellow, Long Shadow); Ruairi O Cuiv (Dublin City Council Public Art Officer and grandson of De Valera); Ian Kelly (Owner, Ian Kelly Financial Services, Lower Grand Canal Street, and grand-nephew of Elizabeth O’Farrell); Anne, Peggy, & Sean Kilbane (Lower Grand Canal Street Residents), Colin Harmon (owner, 3FE Coffee Shop, Lower Grand Canal Street); Una Kavanagh (as Elizabeth O’Farrell); Pat Laffan (as various), Kathy Scott (yoga teacher), and narrated by Lower Grand Canal Street resident Deirdre Mulrooney.

Produced by Deirdre Mulrooney
Sound Supervision by Neil Kavanagh
Funded by Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI)

“Surrender on Grand Canal Street” will be broadcast on Newstalk 106 – 108fm – at 11am on St. Patrick’s Day, Friday March 17th, 2017.

Historian Tim Pat Coogan, author of “De Valera – Long Fellow, Long Shadow” follows De Valera’s alleged 1916 footsteps to this windowsill where he may have surrendered.

The Surrender Yoga Class by Kathy Scott at Fringe Lab

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