The Joyce Family in their Sunday best, with Sam Beckett en route to a restaurant. End of Act One.

I’m happy to have produced, directed, and edited Michael Hastings’ 2004 RSC-commissioned play “Calico” about Lucia Joyce with such a wonderful cast for Bloomsday Festival 2021:

James Joyce: Phelim Drew

Nora: Paula Greevy-Lee

Lucia: Evanna Lynch

Giorgio: Ross Gaynor

Helen: Aisling O’Mara

Samuel Beckett: Aidan Moriarty

Tom MacGreevy: Jack Walsh

Our online rehearsed reading is available to watch for FREE for all from June 11th by just clicking here

There is eating and drinking in this play (literally).  Act One is one hour twenty minutes; and Act Two is one hour ten.  Netflix you can eat your heart out!  I recommend watching in two sittings, over a couple of nights, with a tincture of something in the area of Beckett’s favourite bitter, Fernet Branca in hand.  In the interval, we are offering our short dance film “Lucia Joyce: FULL CAPACITY” to cast light on Lucia the artist.

Bon voyage to 1920s Paris!