We have launched a short crowd-funder to make “TRUE NORTH: Paud Mulrooney’s Irish-Canadian Adventures in Super 8” to celebrate Canada 150 next month at The Dark Room (www.darkroom.ie)!  Please jump on board and throw in a tenner to our campaign by clicking here:




We are currently 49% funded, and hopefully the momentum over the next five days will get us to our target so we can pay the editor to do justice to this rare and important Super 8 footage that offers a unique window into the real life of the First Nations people in the 70s and 80s in remote North Ontario.  And to get this show on the road!  “First hand lessons” in Canadian History, as my father put it when he went up there to run the on-reserve schools with my Mum at a crucial time of transition from the Residential school system to community-run, and community-aligned native education.

Here is a glimpse into some of the footage that only resurfaced a couple of years ago when it was found in two large black garbage bags in a family house in Limerick, Ireland.  We had thought it was mistakenly thrown out by a family member who didn’t realise what it was!

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5jvyDcJNtk[/embedyt]

Now is the time to make and to share this film, to honour the legacy and foresight of my Dad, Paud Mulrooney, who shot the film, and in the new context of Gord Downie of Tragically Hip’s album “Secret Path”, which focuses on the traumatic past of the Ogoki community, and transforms it into a symbol of all First Nations Experience in Canada, encouraging peace and reconciliation for bygone wrongs against the indigenous people of Canada.

All going according to plan, hope to see you at the premiere screening in Dublin’s Dark Room! Please donate and share now!  I’d love to see your name on the film as a supporter 🙂

North Ontario Datsun Road Trip Fado Fado]

Update, Tuesday June 6th

Delighted to see that we are 69% funded! Thanks to all our kind supporters! We are getting there, let’s keep the momentum going, just 31% to go… Thank-you all. It was great to have my first session with editor supremo Aoife Carey yesterday on “Irish-Canadian Adventures in Super 8”. Pity I forgot to take a picture of us though! But you can imagine the general scene… Monitors, keyboards, notes, ideas, Super 8s, photographs, moves, transitions, sounds, music tracks, more notes, more ideas… The project is coming together nicely to celebrate Canada 150 next month…  Together, let’s get this show on the road 🙂