Happy 2020!

Loretta Yurick and Robert Connor at Dance Theatre of Ireland, Bloomfields. Photo: D Mulrooney

Zelda Quilligan and Roy Galvin in Dance Ireland Studios. Photo: D Mulrooney

It was a pleasure to interview some of Ireland’s greatest dance gurus for Dance Ireland as part of their 30th Anniversary Podcast series, celebrating the founders of the Association of Professional Dancers of Ireland, the seminal organisation out of which Dance Ireland and Dance House grew. Listen below to inspirational dance stories from Loretta Yurick and Robert Connor of Dance Theatre of Ireland; dancers Zelda Quilligan and Roy Galvin; Muirne Bloomer and Aideen Gohery; Fiona Quilligan of Rubato Ballet, and Royal Ballet trained dancing legend Joanna Banks.

Muirne Bloomer and Aideen Gohery in Dance Ireland Kitchen. Photo: D Mulrooney

Joanna Banks and Fiona Quilligan Reminisce on the foundation of APDI in Dance Ireland Kitchen


Fiona Quilligan and Joanna Banks in Dance Ireland Kitchen, reminiscing on the foundation of APDI