Well it looks like we are destined to remain within our own 5km for quite a while longer.  So keeping this in mind,

I decided to celebrate my lovely neighbours and our little known local lore by sharing my BAI-funded documentary

“Surrender on Grand Canal Street’, exploring whether there is any truth in the rumour that Eamon De Valera signed

his 1916 surrender on my humble windowsill with “Know your 5k” over at www.ouririshheritage.org – here’s a link!

Listen to the documentary and follow in the footsteps of Ireland’s future leader in his most depressing moments

of capitulation on Lower Grand Canal Street.  And ponder the greater meaning of what it means to surrender to

the will of the universe and see where it may take you…

Eamon De Valera by Margaret Clarke

Historic Map of Lower Grand Canal Street

Surrender Windowsill?

Elizabeth O’Farrell

Tim Pat Coogan and Deirdre Mulrooney discuss 1916 action in the Treasury Building, formerly Boland’s Bakery

Ian Kelly, grand-nephew of Elizabeth O’Farrell

Ruairi Ó Cuiv, grandson of Eamon De Valera at the surrender windowsill & Deirdre Mulrooney

Colin Harmon, owner of 3FE on Lower Grand Canal Street and Deirdre Mulrooney