Irish Moves – signed copy + digital bonus


Irish Moves plus DIGITAL BONUS 2021

Order your personalised signed copy of Deirdre Mulrooney’s “Irish Moves, an illustrated history of dance and physical theatre in Ireland” (Dublin: The Liffey Press, 2006), and you will receive all of the below:

  • Multimedia updates on Erina Brady (Chapter 3);
    the Abbey Theatre Ballets (Chapter 2);
  • a link to Deirdre Mulrooney’s script for TG4 Splanc documentary Dance Emergency (in English) as published in TANZ Magazine, Berlin (April 2015)
  • a PDF of Deirdre’s biographical essay ‘Erina Brady: Irish-German Harbinger of Modern Dance to 1940s Ireland’ as published in “Selected Irish-German Biographies”, ed. By Sabine Egger, (Trier: WVT, 2015)
  • a Vimeo link to Deirdre’s short film documentary “1943 – A Dance Odyssey” (RTE One Television, 2013)
  • an audio link to “Doreen – Telling the Dancer from the Dance”, Deirdre’s radio documentary on the Abbey Theatre Ballets, featuring original Abbey Theatre Ballets student, Doreen Cuthbert as well as world Yeats experts (RTE Lyric FM, 2011)
  • an audio link to Deirdre’s radio documentary “WB Yeats – Words for Music Perhaps” featuring recordings of rare original scores Yeats commissioned for his Plays for Dancers, performed and commented on by DIT Conservatory of Music, as well as by world Yeats experts (RTE Lyric FM, 2013)
  • an audio link to Deirdre’s radio documentary “Lucia, Sweet Dancer” about Lucia Joyce’s modern dance career (RTE Lyric FM, 2019)


signed copy + Digital Bonus