This is the reason mysterious places like Dun Aengus are where they are, I reckon.  No surprise then that the Buddhist Meditation centre Dzogchen Beara, which was at the top of my “to check out” list was also nearby, drawn no doubt towards the spectacular, almost abstract, view of sky and sea.

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Journey to YU DVD Landing & Take-Off

Journey to YU DVD Landing & Take-Off

We got this!  Today we are packing our bags for Belgrade, making sure this DVD is safely packed, en route for its premiere at the Belgrade-Irish Festival on Monday! Setting the alarm clock for the middle of the night to catch a flight at the crack of dawn...

Visual Edit – Journey to YU

Yesterday was an epic day in the studio, watching the first cut of visual edit for Journey to YU (in the footsteps of Rebecca West) by our fab editor Aoife Carey. Just a few tweaks here & there… So while waiting for the final render, thought I’d share...