Deirdre’s Diary

Return Trip to Paris – with Irish Moves

It was great to get back to my favourite city - Paris - after nearly a decade's absence! Why such a long gap since my last Paris sojourn? Well - I have been busy? I don't think that's an acceptable excuse really! But it was great to finally get back to that magical...

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Buying “Black-Outs” on Summer Solstice Weekend

I am loving the stretch in the evenings.  They are almost at their outermost stretch.  Which is why it felt strange today to be buying "blackouts" at Guiney's of Talbot street, to block out this gorgeous and too shortlived evening light!  But I have to.  The reason? ...

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“Come Dance with Me” at the Art Park

Celebrating our overlooked dance legacy, I co-curated this projection "Come Dance with Me" at the Art Park - Ireland's largest outdoor screen, at Spencer Dock, behind Conference Centre Dublin - on the occasion of Liz Roche Company's "Bastard Amber", the first ever...

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